JLJI was founded in Cleveland, OH with the guiding principles of delivering exceptional SERVICE while providing innovative SOLUTIONS. Operating and collaborating as a team, we leverage our extensive building knowledge to improve our clients' experience and ultimately ensure the success of their projects. General contractors, construction managers, architects, and owners rely on JLJI to be their trusted partner because we have the experience, products, and resources to be an integral part of their team. We take these partnerships seriously, and we strive to not only earn our clients repeat business but to become their “go-to” specialty contractor.



  • Design Assist
  • Conceptual Estimating / Budgeting
  • Material Selections
  • Resource Loaded Scheduling
  • BIM Coordination
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Lean Construction Process Development
  • Metal Stud Framing + Soffit and Suspension Systems
  • Gypsum Wall Board
  • Drywall Finishes
  • Plaster and Skim Coat Finishes
  • Metal Reveals and Trims
  • GFRG Columns, Cornices, Trims, and Custom Shapes
  • AABA Certified Contractor
  • Air and Vapor Barriers
  • Thermal Clip and Girt Systems
  • Various Rain Screen Cladding Systems
  • Exterior Insulation Finish Systems
  • Prefabricated Load Bearing Walls and Floor Assemblies
  • Prefabricated Drift Wall Assemblies
  • Metal Joists, Trusses, and Decking
  • Curtain Wall Framing
  • Exterior Cornice and Specialty Framing
  • Sound Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Exterior Rain Screen Cavity Insulation
  • Fire Safing and Fire Stopping
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Wood Framing and Blocking
  • Finish Carpentry and Millwork
  • Doors, Frames and Hardware
  • Preglazed Window Systems
  • Custom Millwork and Paneling
  • Specialties
  • Suspended Ceiling Systems
  • Metal and Wood Specialty Ceilings
  • Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels


Preconstruction Phase

JLJI as your Design Assist Partner:

Preconstruction is the phase of a project in which the client and JLJI work together to define the scope, schedule, and cost of our particular scope of work. Thorough and accurate evaluations during the preconstruction phase help set client expectations, as well as identify possible efficiencies and cost-saving measures that can be implemented when moving on to the construction phase. For JLJI this includes design of critical fire rated and sound wall assemblies, material selections, floor and ceiling assembly designs, exterior envelop assembly design, and engineering and selections of exterior cladding materials that meet the client's design expectations. JLJI takes great pride in helping our clients determine the most cost-effect SOLUTIONS that not only reduce the cost of the project but also reduce the overall duration of the project while always maintaining the integrity of the owner and architect's design vision.

JLJI as your Integrated Project Delivery Partner:

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a project delivery method that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. IPD allows for more integration between the design and construction teams by creating a “mini-organization” for the duration of the project. The idea is to streamline the entire process from design to closing, reducing waste and costs for the owner. IPD makes all contracted participants available to an owner from the very beginning of the process. This allows for a stronger preconstruction team, starting from the initial design phase right up until the builders break ground. As with Design-Assist, the preconstruction team will have the opportunity to consult with all the stakeholders in order to minimize costs and schedule delays. In other words, IPD allows for a very robust preconstruction phase, which will have enormous benefits over the life of a project where incentives are already being maximized.


JLJI as Your Schedule Development Partner:

As your Carpentry and Specialty Contractor, JLJI’s scheduled activities are usually scattered throughout a project schedule.  By leading off with the building enclosure activities, to the interior framing and drywall activities to the final finish carpentry details. JLJI finds itself dependent on other trades to be able to effectively and efficiently complete our work. So collaborative scheduling to create realistic schedules is a key to our success as well as to the overall project success. JLJI takes great pride in collaborating with the entire team to develop the project schedule activities, durations, and most important sequence of work.  By carefully outlining the sequence of work and getting buy-in from the entire construction team, it provides the road map for a successful project. 


JLJI as Your Building Partner:

The preconstruction phase of a project can often take as long as the actual construction phase. Once the preconstruction phase is complete JLJI performs a series of structured hand-offs.  These hand-offs are a critical step in moving the project from the preconstruction phase to the construction phase. At this point, our construction team performs what JLJI has termed as “REBUILDING THE PROJECT”.  “REBUILDING THE PROJECT” involves extensive collaboration between the Preconstruction Team, Project Management Team, and the Field Operation Team. This process starts with retaking off every material and component of the project in order to develop final purchase orders that are organized to follow the areas and sequence of the project schedule and to allow for “JUST IN TIME DELIVERIES”. JLJI practices “JUST IN TIME DELIVERIES” on our projects to ensure we are utilizing LEAN construction practices.  Not only does this help keep the project site from being congested with building materials, it eliminates inefficiencies of constantly relocating materials.  In addition to the development of material purchase orders, JLJI also develops our “PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS”.  This process allows us to breakdown every activity, identifies the estimated hours and duration in order to develop our manpower demand for the project.  This step is crucial for not only providing the road map for our manpower, but it is also used to track our production to ensure we are meeting our estimated hours and ultimately completing the project on schedule for our clients.


JLJI has been a great partner on many great projects.  They do what they say and live up to their commitments.

Scott Bindel, Project Executive
Gilbane Building Company

JLJI’s ability to become part of the “Project Team” during preconstruction efforts and the construction process is unsurpassed. Your efforts in assisting Panzica Construction and Owners in maintaining budgets and schedules are always on the mark and know it is due to your professionalism and use of the latest technologies. I hope your success continues and know we will continue working together on upcoming projects.

Bill Davis, Vice President / Senior Project Manager
Panzica Construction

JLJI has been a great trade partner on many of our key projects. Throughout the preconstruction and construction building phases, they bring a Value-Added Team Approach to the table by collaborating with the CM, as well as with Owners, Architects representatives, and other Subcontractors. They consistently display a willingness to help us work thru the tough details to meet the highest quality possible.

Greg Consolo, Vice President - Construction Management
Donley's IC

JLJI has been a trusted team member and partner on multiple projects with our organization. They are high-quality contractor that has the knowledge and flexibility to provide cost-effective options that help us achieve our client’s vision while staying within budget.

Domonic DeLuca, Vice President
Independence Constuction


If you looking for a reliable partner that has the resources and expertise to accomplish your most challenging projects, we welcome your interest in JLJI.